Global cities — Saskia Sassen

I have mentioned Saskia Sassen in previous postings, as one of the world’s leading theorists of the global city. Here is an interesting lecture that she presented at the UrbanAge India conference in Mumbai in 2007. The lecture is very interesting, and it is also “self-illustrating,” in that its availability on YouTube illustrates the remarkable globalization of ideas and discourse that has been created by internet communications tools available everywhere in the world. She talks about cities as centers of “urban knowledge capital”, and refers to the mechanisms of communication through which these centers are linked, including especially the channels of internet-based communication and interaction. And the availability of the real-time thinking of leading scholars such as Sassen through YouTube, Google, and other tools — presented in Mumbai, equally and almost immediately available in Mexico City, Lagos, and London — is a dramatic illustration of the potential for diffusion and infusion of knowledge that the internet presents to the global world.

Urban Age India: Saskia Sassen Cities in Global Context Pt 1

Urban Age India: Saskia Sassen Cities in Global Context Pt 2

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